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A Travel Excursion of the Mind, by David Albert
This excerpt from the book, Original Seeking: Homeschooling and the Voyage of Self-Discovery, provides an enlightening and humorous look at effective ways to lead kids into the appreciation of math as an important and enjoyable part of life..

The Delights of Exploring Math With Your Child, by Lillian Jones
An encouraging guide to practical ways of getting to the joy and fascination in math - complete with resource suggestions and annotated links to many delightful web sites

"Home Education Magazine Takes a Closer Look at Math"
An annotated list of links to quite a few good articles about math, as well as links to special resources for math.

Just Do the Math!, by David Albert
In this excerpt from his newest book, Have fun. Learn stuff. Grow., David Albert shares some amazing information about the short length of time it can take to provide children with all they need to know for K-12 math.

Crazy for Calculating! Making Math Fun, by Sue Smith-Heavenrich
A mom relates ways she found of making math fun for her kids in spite of her own previous math phobia, helping them learn from everyday life.

Algebra for the Six Year Olds, by Tracy Aiken
Observations on the way a young child thinks and communicates mathematically, in spite of no formal instruction. DOWNLOAD this Mar/Apr/04 archived edition of Life Learning Magazine to read this and other inspiring articles.

A Few Words about Unschooling Math, by Luz Shosie
 An amazing article about exactly what it says: words about unschooling math. Quite a thought provoking read!

A Natural Desire to Learn, by Grace Davila Coates, Director of the Family Math project at Lawrence Hall of Science
Ideas for learning opportunities afforded by games and puzzles.

From Boring to Board Games: Math Really Can Be Fun!, by Elise Griffith
This unconventional approach to math offers great ideas about lots of activitles that can provide children with solid ways to learn math. This article, published in Home Education Magazine, is condensed from a chapter in the book, Every Child is a Genius.

Learning to Love Math, by Alison Moore Smith
This Home Education Magazine article, suggests methods of teaching mathematics which encourage a love and interest in math.

How do Unschooled Children Learn Long Division? What do they do to practice it?
This is an especially thought provoking commentary from Linda Wyatt, who has her own wonderful math page, Linda's Place in Space.

Curriculum to Unschooling, by Ann Zeise
Ann Zeise's article about her family's journey from curriculum to unschooling - discusses math and other subjects.

Read Any Good Math Books Lately?, by Holly Furgason
 The writer describes her own history of coming to terms with her math phobia and learning to enjoy math as an interesting subject during her family's homeschool journey. She also offers suggestions for good math books to read!

Try New Math, by Barbara Rowley
This excellent article describes how to integrate math into daily life in interesting ways - as taught by Family Math, the program designed by the University of California.

Unschooling High School, by Karen M. Gibson
This enlightening article in the Leaping from the Box site describes how an unschooling family spends typical days helps to also shed some light on how math fits in.

And 'Rithmetic, Daniel Greenberg
How an alternative school teacher taught six years worth of arithmetic to a class of students in 20 weeks.

Measuring Up, Rebecca Rupp, a Good Stuff column from Home Education Magazine
An interesting article on the connections between measurement and many other subjects.

Multiplication: King's X From the Math Monster, Sandra Dodd
Essay and other comments about the frequent question homeschoolers encounter, "What about times tables?"

Knitting & Math - Patterns by Hand, an article by Heather Taylor
This illustrated article by a teacher and artist, in the Synergy Learning website, describes how the process of knitting can promote not only art and craft skills, but immediate, practical uses for mathematics, helping to see math as useful and intriguing.


The Abacus – The Art of Calculating with Beads
Everything you could ever want to know about using an abacus, including (in the FAQ section) where to buy one.

About the Number in Today's Date
Click on today's date in the calendar, and get a fun illustration of simple related mathematical principles.

Absurd Math: Pre-Algebra From Another Dimension
An interactive mathematical problem solving game series in which the player proceeds on missions in a strange world.

A free site demonstrating simple one by one steps, with the use of a friendly voice explaining each operation. Some basic familiarity with algebra is assumed - terminology is used - but this could be a little refresher, reference, or challenging intro for self-motivated students who may want to dive right in.

Algebra Help
A collection of tools created to assist students and teachers of algebra.

Algebra Solutions
Enter math problem(s), click on "Submit" for automated step-by-step solution. Has features for practice or review, as well as mini-lessons and printable worksheets.

AL RightStart Mathematics
Uses the AL Abacus to provide a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experience - also includes math card games, puzzles, etc.

Ancient Egypt and Math (Mark Millmore's site)
Colorful descriptions of Egyptian history, including a basic description of hieroglyphic writing, and images of hieroglyphs you can use in your own projects. It also provides mathematical problems using the ancient numbers.

Arithmetic Rummy
Downloadable and printable playing cards for a fun way to practice arithmetic skills while playing a game - from the Children's Museum of San Jose.

Ask Dr. Math
A question and answer service for math students and teachers. A searchable archive is available by level and topic, as well as a FAQ.

At Home With Math
These everyday math activities build math into the things most families already do, providing practice in adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and using other important math skills while doing tasks that are a regular part of life.

Books - Math Reading ListsBooks - Carol Hurst's Math & Children's Literature List
Inspiring articles for parents, and suggestions for lots of good children's books to inspire imaginative and creative mathematical thinking.

Books - Children's Literature and Math
Many literature suggestions to enhance children's mathematical thinking in addition and subtraction, counting, fractions, geometry, measurement, number sense, and much more. Compiled by an assistant professor of mathematics.

Books - The Children's literature Nook - Top 100 Children's Books, Math
Suggestions for engaging children's books related to addition and subtraction, counting, division, estimation, fractions, geometry, measurement, money, multiplicaton, patterns, place value, problem solving, time, math & art, and more.

Books - Math Reading Lists
For The Youngest Mathematicians (preschool through elementary), through Young Adults, including programming. Hoagie's Gifted Education Page compiled these wonderful reading lists of some of the most well written and engaging books that incorporate mathematical thinking that can be fun for any child. When you click on the Amazon links, you go to pages where you can usually "look inside" or "search inside" the books.

Books and resources for learning about math
An annotated list of some popular resources listed by the HomeSchool Assn. of CA.

Books that make math study fun and interesting - FUN-Books catalog
An absolutely delightful and amazing array of unusual selections, with books on math & music, math patterns, games, the math adventures of SIr Cumference, grocery cart math, hands-on projects, understanding algebra, and others too numberous to list.

Books - Math Patterns and Picture Books
Carol Hurst's page describing books that can foster the ability to recognize, compare, and manipulate patterns as the basis for understanding much of mathematics.

"Books that can make mathematics fun and exciting"
An annotated list of good math books that inspire, inform, stimulate your prejudices and make difficult things clear - complied by Monty Phister of the Gnarly Math program.

Brain Teasers
A new math brain teaser (word problem) every week, with an archive of past ones--from EduPlace.

Breaking Away from the Math Book
Creative projects for K-8 students: activities and lessons with colorful diagrams, instructions, teaching strategies and some interactive components.

The Brownie Forest - free math toys
Downloadable and printable for learning multiplication facts and skip counting.

Calculus By and for Young People
This site is primarily about a popular calculus program in which math is "made interesting for people age 7 and up" by math teacher, Don Cohen. It offers some sample problem pages so that you can get an idea of what the program is like.

Children's Picture Books for Math
A list, by mathematical area, of lovely picture books that are fun to read - and they can even be enjoyed by much older children.

Computer Science Lab
A low cost computer science lab CD for young teens and up, by an electrical engineer/computer programmers.

Cooking to Make Learning Fun!
An article suggesting ways to use cooking activities for learning math.

Cool Math
A great site designed for the pure enjoyment of mathematics - games and activities for basic math, calculators, a graphing calculator, and fun math lessons in fractions, algebra, geometry, and much more - with sections for kids of all ages.

Counting and Reading
An excellent article with practical suggestions, for helping a child learn to read and understand math in everyday activities - by Karen Deerwester, Ed.S.

Count on!
 An extraordinary and extensive site - unusually inventive - a colorful site of math adventures, games, tricks, mathszines, resources, links, and more for all ages. It's well worth taking the time to explore every nook and cranny of this site.

Cuisenaire Activity and Exploration Book, by Miranda Hughes - free and printable!
A lovely booklet to be used for young children before Miquon - prepared for a homeschooling mom for her 4 year old - the distillation of their inventions and explorations. It contains conceptual math games suitable for the K and pre-K level. Use with these printable cards: Colour cards and B&W Cards

Curious Math
Age math, calendar math, finger math, and all sorts of fun tricks and tips to play with.

Cut the Knot! - Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
A highly acclaimed site with an extensive collection of games and puzzles aimed to counter math anxiety and instead produce pleasurable experiences with math.

With this colorful PBS resource, kids can play math related games on their own, with friends, or with the support of a parent. The site's goal is to teach kids that math is everywhere, everyone can be good at it, and it's fun!

Cynthia Lanius' "Mathematics Lessons that Are fun! fun! fun!"
Interactive math activities for kids from Cynthia Lanius of Rice Universitiy's math department - activities like Let's Graph, Who Wants a Pizza? (fractions), Mathematics of Cartography, Calendar Fun: It's Alebra, A Fractal Geometry Unit, Pattern Block Geometry, and many more!

Delicious Math
 A J. Smith describes creative ways she wove math into everyday living with her children, especially where food was concerned.

Division Board - from Egg Cartoons
Instructions for building and using a manipulative tool from egg cartons to illustrate and learn division with remainders. It calls for beans, but other counters could be substituted.

Education World's’ Math Archives
A collection of creative math activity ideas! Includes games, exploration, puzzles, and more.

Education World: Math Center
Hands-on activity suggestions, games, and articles on a wide range of math-related subjects.

Eggs - as tools for math activities!
Egg-tivities for all grades!? Math, history, crafts, puzzles, language arts, science, and much more.

Einstein's Origami
A multidiminsional paper-folding game that may be played by 1 or more players, ages 10 to adult--a challenge of strategic thinking skills.

Email group: MathingOff: Math Unschooled
An active and enthusiastic email list for unschooling math, deschooling math, deprogramming math anxiety, and just plain having fun with math! It's "dedicated to exploring how math can be learned without "school", without canned curricula, without lesson plans, without artifically dividing it up into grade levels and testing and drilling it to death; and how math is naturally all around us and how children (and adults too!) are doing math all the time, whether they realize it or not!"

Escape from Knab adventure game
An educational simulation which takes participants through a series of financial decision- making experiences in the fun and entertaining setting of the fictitious planet, Knab where visitors discover the results of their actions and decisions.

Favorite Comments on Unschoolers Learning Mathematics
A terrific collection of interesting commentary from unschoolers on how they think about math - with some good practical suggestions for activities to incorporate into family life. From Sandra Dodd's website.

Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section
A huge and comprehensive site - well illustrated. Be sure to click on the link to the Introductory Page mentioned at the top of the page!

Figure This!
Fun interactive math problems for families–from National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Four Great Math Games
Activities for thinking about probability, while also providing practice with mental addition, experience with strategic thinking, and the opportunity to relate multiplication and geometry. All activities are adapted from Marilyn Burns's About Teaching Mathematics.

Fraction Concepts With Egg Cartons
Illustrations of a variety of ways to use egg cartons to illustrate and understand fractions.

Fraction Frenzy
Interactive online fraction and decimal games (levels for preschool through 6th and up).

Fractions Tips and Tricks
Clearly describes and illustrates basic fraction terms and operations with pictures.

Funbrain - Fresh Baked Fractions!
A game for practice in thinking about fractions, with a selection of difficulty level.

The Game That's Worth 1,000 Worksheets
Ideas for using the game of Math Card War to learn math concepts with ordinary playing cards: greater-than/less-than, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, negative numbers, absolute value, and multi-step problem solving.

Geometry from the Land of Incas
Colorful mix of sound, science, and Incan history intended to interest students in Euclidean geometry. The site includes geometry problems, quizzes, quotations, scientific speculation, and more.

Gnarly Math
Although it does have a CD for sale, it also provides a wealth of free information (and good links to other sites) to dispel math phobia, revive math talents, and make math fascinating.

Gnomes and Gnumbers: A Mathematical Tale
Lesson plans in the Waldorf style, using stories, beeswax crayon drawings, felt gnomes, glass gemstones, beeswax, pastels, beanbags, baskets, and other colorful materials.

Hands-On Math
A collection of hands-on lesson resources from The Futures Channel, designed to bring about active mathematics learning.

Harmony and Proportion: Pythagoras: Music and Space
An interesting interactive article, with music, which attempts to provide a simple introduction to, and explanation of, principles governing harmony and proportion in space.

Helping your child learn math – A parent's guide
This guide contains suggestions for everyday math activities that you and your child can have fun doing together.

Helping your child learn math - Math at Home
Games and activities to explore math with your child. The activities are intended to be fun and inviting, using household items.

Helping Your Child With Arithmetic And Math
Lots of practical suggestions for enjoyable and effective ways to help children learn arithmetic and math.

History for Kids: Ancient Greek Mathematics
Fascinating weave of math with cultural, architectural, and other history - helps math come alive with relevance.

History for Kids: Indian science and mathematics
Fascinating weave of math, cultural, architectural, and other history - helps math come alive with relevance.

The Home of Mathematical Knitting, Quilting, Crochet, Needlepoint, and Weaving
Lots of mostly advanced projects utilizing mathematical ideas.

Hunkins’ Experiments
Fun learning experiments with math, science, electicity, food, and more, using everyday materials around the house.

Interactive Mathematics and Puzzles
Cool cartoons that guide you in experimenting with food, light, sound, clothes, math, and a whole lot more! A fun site dedicated to demonstrating the beauty of math!

Investigating Patterns - Symmetry and Tessellations
A fabulous and colorful mega-site based on the concept that "Mathematics should include experiences that help students to shift their thinking about mathematics and define mathematics as a study of patterns and relationships."

Invisible Math – from Education World
The lessons are "invisible" because kids have so much fun they don't realize they are actually doing math!

Inviting Students to Explore Mathematics
This article by a third grade teacher describes the delight of kids and parents alike in an activity for buiding and exploring three dimensional shapes.

Jig Zone
Free printable jigsaw puzzles.

It's About Time: Teaching Students to Tell Time
Five fun lessons focused on teaching kids how to tell time - with links to 20 more lessons for teaching about time.

~Joyful Math!~
Teaching tips, insights, inspiration, fun games and interesting math activities - an ongoing "blog" by Pam Sorooshian.

Knit: Patterns by Hand
Knitting as a way children can see useful mathematical patterns and multiplication.

Large Number Concepts
 Dr. Math makes suggestions for demonstrating millions, billions, and trillions.

Learning with Pizza!
Make a pizza and reinforce reading skills, use math, and explore science.

Let's Play Math!
"Math is a game, playing wih ideas. This blog is about learning, teaching, and just playing around with K-12 mathematics." Inspiring and practical articles, games suggestions, book and resource suggestions.

Living Math
Non-traditional ideas, suggestions for books, games, and other resources.

Making Melodies with Fractions
Learn how mathematicians like Pythagoras discovered that musical pitches are derived from fractions - compose and play your own songs using Musical Fraction Bars.

Marvelous Math from Linda Hyatt
Nice essays on playing with math, unschooling math, math without worksheets, and more, with links to interesting math websites.

Math Activities
A collection of hands-on math activities using dried pasta, dominoes, a dartboard, goldfish crackers, circle games, and more.

Math Activities and Tips from Afterschool Exchange
Entertaining math activities for ages 6-12.

Math Anxiety Resources
An annotated list of books and resources that can help prevent ot overcome math anxiety.

Math Cats
Creative, open-ended math explorations using games, crafts, art, projects, story problems, and much more!

Math and Cooking
More unusual than most examples of how math is used in the kitchen - good for older children.

Mathematical Knitting
In this amazing resource, the home page may not look like much, because they've removed the pictures to make space - but it's well worth spending some time poking around in the links (most of which do have nice photos and illustrations), even if you don't recognize some of the terminology. There are some pretty fun and interesting, simple projects included.

Math in Daily Life
The language of numbers through common situations, such as playing games, using money, banking, cooking, and so forth.

Math in the Real World Activities
A nice selection of annotated links to good websites that discuss practical ways to bring math into real life.

The Math Explorer
Use the site's Search feature to find new approaches to mathematics with fun games, tricks, and activities from the Exploratorium museum, some of which are from their Math Explorer book.

Math File Game Show - from BBC Education
Fun online instruction, games, and printouts for learning about numbers, decimals, percentages, algebra, shapes, space, measurement, and more.

The Math Forum
Swarthmore's popular math forum, with many links to other important math sites.

Math Glossary
A cool little multimedia glossary for around K-6 grades. Look up a term and you see a colorful illustration while you hear the definition.

Math Glossary
A clearly illustrated glossary of math terms (from Harcourt) - for "grades K-8."

Math at the Grocery Store
Ideas and plans for activities using the grocery store as a great place for practicing measurement, estimation, and quantity.

Math Ideas for PreK – Kindergarten age children
Many simple ideas using low cost everyday materials and activities around the house to learn math in practical and natural way.

Math Lessons
 Ann Zeise's collection of links to good articles about assessment, economics, help teaching math topics, homeschooling math, issues in math education, math anxiety, and more.

Math Mistakes Website
 Essays about math in the news and politics, puzzles and problems, links - dedicated to the listing of mathematical mistakes made over and over by advertisers, the media, reporters, politicians, activists, and in general many non-math people.

Math Models
An extensive set of clearly and beautifully illustrated basic models for concepts to be used in connection with exploration and discussion.

Math Mojo - Making Math Meaningful
Learn math in new ways. This site was created by a professional magician who believes that anything can be done differently, and usually better, than it is normally done.

Math in the Real World Activities
 A nice selection of annotated links to good websites that discuss practical ways to bring math into real life.

Mathematics Experiments
A really fun collection of math experiment activities for kids – part of the Hunkins’ Experiments site.

"Mathematics Lessons that Are fun! fun! fun!"
Interactive math activities for kids from Cynthia Lanius of Rice Universitiy's math department - activities like Let's Graph, Who Wants a Pizza? (fractions), Mathematics of Cartography, Calendar Fun: It's Alebra, A Fractal Geometry Unit, Pattern Block Geometry, and many more!

The Mathematics for Parents Newsletter
A program for informing parents about how their children think about mathematics, covering basic arithmetic and math.

Mathematics Resources - the Fun-Books catalog
Fun-Books inherited the well respected GWS catalog and carries carefully selected, popular items - a good source for the popular Harold Jacobs math books, among others.

Articles for kids about math in everyday life, written by Ivars Peterson for Muse magazine. The page includes puzzles and games.

An exciting math site by Los Alamos National Laboratory - great for kids!

Metric Conversions
Online conversion calculators, conversion tables, and metric formulas.

Millennium Math Express Page
Fun online math activities especially for students in grades 4-8.

Money and Functional Math Activities
Math games, activities, web quests, and tools (requires Microsoft IE 5.5 for Windows).

M & M Cookie Math
A fun math activity using M&M cookies. Kids munch their way through the cookie keeping a tally of how many M&M's are found in each color. Then you can do a simple tally sheet.

More Than Math
A website of challenging activities based on combining art with mathematics.

Nicely animated math games for children.

Multiplication: Abiator's Times Table Emporium
Fun online drills through the multiplication tables, with a selection of speeds.

Multiplication: King's X From the Math Monster, Sandra Dodd
Essay and other comments about the frequent question homeschoolers encounter, "What about times tables?"

Multiplication: An Adventure in Number Sense
Natural’s collection of fun and interesting ways to learn the multiplication facts. For fun, learn why you need to memorize only 13 multiplication facts (or less) in order to know the whole table; llearn a lot of useful tricks and patterns that will help in fast mental arithmetic and will develop your number sense; follow suggested investigations to discover a lot of algebraic patterns (it is worth at least as much as taking the standard pre-algebra and algebra 1 courses); find getaways to advanced topics such as matrices or arithmetic progression.!
Although it's a commercial site with its own book to sell, this site also has an extensive set of tips, activities, games, lessons, worksheets, discussion of strategies, and resources for learning the multiplication tables.

Multiplication: Math Tricks for Your Fingers - Easy Multiplication
An online video that teaches tricks for figuring out multiplication.

Multiplication: Basic Multiplication Facts with Willie the Worm
 A delightful cartoon worm illustrate basic multiplication for younger children.

Multiplication - Dr. Mike's Times Tables Games
A variety of game ideas, including printable games, cards and mazes, and links to interactive online games.

Multiplication: "A Fun Way to Learn Multiplication Tables"
A kinesthetic method for learning multiplication facts and get a sense of the patterns.

Multiplication Games from classroom teachers
This is one of's invaluable sets of ideas for practicing and learning multiplication facts--this set involves group play.

Multiplication: Learning Multiplication Facts
 Dr. Math offers practical suggestions for learning multiplication facts in a variety of ways.

Multiplication: Learning Multiplication Table
A wonderful, interactive multiplication table that visually demonstrates the numbers being added, with a very helpful introduction explaining the wisdom of understanding rather than simply memorizing.

Multiplication: Multifyer
 A game for anyone who is trying to learn multiplication. As the pilot of a space ship far in the future, you must save the solar system from gravitational anomalies while learning and memorizing the multiplication tables.

Multiplication Mystery
A fun game figuring out where factors fit into a grid!.

Multiplication - "Times Tables" Grid
An interactive practice grid game that can work with or without a timer.

Multiplication Tables - "Timez Attack" video game
A high tech, well illustrated, video game for learning multiplication facts. You can download the FREE, partial, version or pay for a full version that has some fancier elements.

Natural Math!
A group dedicated to creating and developing an environment for learning mathematics. One of their goals is inspiring people who had problems with "conventional" math and science education to "make peace" with mathematics, discovering its beautiful and fun sides.

Noble Knights of Knowledge
A gamelike arithmetic program that covers four years of exploration with the use of medieval character pieces and stories.

Patterns in Arithmetic
This site has good articles and nice samples from popular books on how to think mathematically: no drills, or memorization but a variety of approaches which encourage creativity and discovery of the beauty in numbers.

Percents, Fractions, Decimals, and Ratios
 Games and activities for various elementary ages compiled by Teachers Helping Teachers.

Quilts in the Classroom
Wonderful projects and units for all grade levels using quilts and quilting.

Radical Math Advice
A thoughtful response in "Unschooling: Delight-driven Learning" website to the question of how one might unschool math, and what texts or resources can be used.

Real Life Math
A plethora of ideas from homeschoolers for incorporating math creatively into daily life.

Rethinking Midschool/High School Math
Cafi Cohen relates her recommendation for an approach that integrates textbook math with topics like hands-on math and recreational math and puts them on an equal footing. A Home Education Magazine article.

RightStart Mathematics program
A popular program among homeschoolers, designed by a Montessori teacher - it uses its own abacus, card games, and other manipulatives to provide a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experience designed to be fun and exploratory while learning.

Roman Numerals
An interesting brief historical explanation of the roman numerals, making them easy to remember.

Russian Peasant Multiplication
A fascinating article on another way to multiply - also includes links to pages on an Egyptian way of multiplying and dividing.

Scholastic Math Field Trips!
Suggestions for touring and using a variety of interesting websites to study many different math concepts and develop interesting related activities for all grade levels. See link below for younger children.

Scholastic Math Field Trips for K-2!
Suggestions for touring and using a variety of interesting websites to study many different math concepts and develop interesting related activities for children K - 2.

Skip Counting for Math Facts
Skip counting can be fun and a good addition practice as well as a great introduction to multiplication - this site has printable sheets for practicing.

Statistics Every Writer Should Know
"Now, you don't have to have a degree in statistics in order to conduct an effective "interview" with your data. But you do need to know a few basics-here are some basic concepts in statistics that every writer should know..."

Teaching Textbooks
A popular program with a wide variety of math products, including step-by-step audiovisual solutions, and lectures that contain animation and sound effects.

Time, Money, & Temperature Activities.
User-friendly suggestions for primary teachers of mathematics.

Tricks for Learning Math
"Memorizing rhymes and shortcuts are not replacements for gaining deep mathematical understanding, but tricks can give students a jump start with new concepts and can help them remember what they have learned for later applications." This collection of tricks has been compiled by teachers from around the world.

Unschooling Math
An online discussion among unschoolers offering practical advice and lots suggestions for ways to incorporate math activities into family life - resources are suggested as well.

Unschooling, Math, and Money
Brief but thought provoking comments about how children learn math naturally through the use of money - from Sandra Dodd's AlwaysLearning email list.

Who Wants Pizza?
A fun way to learn about fractions--from Cynthia Lanius.

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