People, Cultures, and the Making of History

Links to fascinating information and colorful resources relevant to people of many cultures and civilizations - from prehistory, through ancient history, and on to our modern world, including interesting facets of U.S. history.

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A Book In Time - Guide to History Books & Craft Ideas
Find historical fiction & nonfiction, related craft ideas, links to helpful websites, and timelines - for kids & teens. The history reading guide is in chronological order & lists both World and American History. Each book selection has a suggested grade level and a short review.

Acts of Kindness
Inspiration for practicing random acts of kindness - with wonderful free educational and community ideas, guidance, and other resources. Fun! And they even provide five FREE pages of web space for presenting your own kindness activity or project!

The Story of Africa: African History From The Dawn of Time, by the BBC World Service
In this well illustrated site, Africa's top historians describe interesting events and characters that have shaped the continent from the origins of humankind to the end of South African apartheid.

African American Odyssey - Library of Congress
The exhibition The African American Odyssey: A Quest for Full Citizenship, showcases the incomparable African American collections of the Library of Congress.

America's Story
A colorful and extensive, fun and educational site for children from the Library of Congress - "Meet amazing Americans, Jump back in time, Explore the states, Join America at Play, Hear and Sing"

American Memory Learning Page!
Extensive site with ideas for learners and educators as they use the American Memory section of the Library of Congress. Tips and tricks for using collections, activities, and lessons.

The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden
A colorful site from the Smithsonian about the job of being president, exploring the role and responsibilities various presidents have carried.

American Treasures Exhibits at Library of Congress
Rare and significant items, from Thomas Jefferson’s handwritten draft of the Declaration of Independence to Maya Lin's original drawing for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

America's Wars
The core of the site is a timeline of world history covering the major events in world history from the dawn of civilization to the present. Includes links to other sites.

Ancient Africa
This nice resource from the Kidipede - History for Kids site includes sections on the economy, literature, religion, food, art, warfare, craft ideas, and suggestions for books.

Ancient China
This resource from the Kidipede - History for Kids includes a timeline, environment (with maps), religion, clothing, economy, science, literature, games, food, art, cultures, craft and project ideas, and book ideas.

Ancient Egypt
A teacher's collecton of fun ideas for learning about ancient Egypt - includes activities, games, webquests, and much more.

The Ancient World Web
Hundreds of links to ancient history sites, indexed by name, geography, and subject.

Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History
Delightful and historically accurate site of a living history society specializing in medieval history.

Award winning site that gathers news stories of archaeological and historical interest from around the world.

Archiving Early America
Explore the history of 18ths century America through historic documents, newspapers, maps, magazines, and letters.

Basic Readings in U.S. Democracy
A government site that covers many important and interesting points of U.S. history, from the Declaration of Independence on through presidential debates of the 1990s. Very clear and simple layout.

Best of History Sites
This amazing, award-winning resource contains links to over 1200 history-related web sites that have been reviewed for quality, accuracy, and usefulness. Included are links to activities, games, and more. Sites with engaging educational content and stimulating and useful multimedia technologies are most likely to be included in these pages. However, useful general resources and research-oriented sites have been included as well. You'll find stories about history, famous trials, religion, disasters, and even the background history behind popular movie stories.

Follow the colorful journey of The Picton Castle, a Tall Ship that spent a year sailing around the world - interactive site with movies, tracking map, beautiful photos of people and places, educational games, links to lots of interesting related subject sites, and more.
Search the database for over 25,000 of the greatest lives, past and present.

Black History
Encyclopedia Britannica’s excellent and extensive guide, with audio and video.

Black History Sites
The Carnegie Library's links to a wide spectrum of black history sites.

California Gold Rush
Very interesting site –and it also includes detailed information and graphic illustrations about all the various routes people took to CA by land and sea.

California Mission Internet Trail
Student constructed virtual tours of the missions, with interesting historical background material.

The United States Civil War Center
A complete index of Civil War Information available on the Internet, with hundreds of related links.

Colonial Life in America 1600-1775
A nice collection of annotated links to primary resource documents, timelines, history, maps, everyday life in the Colonies, education, the trades, crafts, medicine, plantations, Indians of North America, colonies, music and dance, art, Jewish history, African Americans, religion, and a lot more - by the Internet School Library Media Center.

Core Documents of U.S. Democracy
A core group of current and historical Government publications made available for free, permanent, public access via the Government Printing Office Access service.

Cornell Arts & Social Science Gateway
Includes cultures, demographics, geography, government, history, news media, and more.

An extensive list of links about countries all over the world, including the US – cultures, customs, flags, food, recipes, parks, travel, maps and much more.

Culture Quest World Tour – from the Internet Public Library
Sample cuisines, play games, see museums full of arts, crafts and history, hear folktales and learn about holidays & festivals of many cultures.

Early North America - before 1500 A.D.
A very interesting history of the continent before the arrival of European invasion forces. It includes a timeline, environment (with maps), religion, clothing, economy, games, science (medicine), food, art, architecture, craft and project ideas, and books suggestions.

Educational Web Adventures
An amazing and graphically rich interactive site dealing with art, history, and science - by an award-winning developer of online learning activities. Choose by subject or by content for ages K-12. Requires Flash.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian on History & Culture Lots of interesting and extensive illustrated articles from the world's largest museum complex and research organization.

The End of the Middle Ages
Gorgeous site: The End of Europe–s Middle Ages, 14th and 15th centuries, impressively detailed with rich illustrations.

Explorers & Discoverers
An extensive site about voyages of exploration and discovery, with lots of links to related sites.

EyeWitness - History Through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It
Personal narratives and first-hand sources, from the ancient world through the 20th century, including sounds and pictures.

The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences
African American men and women who have contributed to the advancement of science and engineering.

An educational resource for high school age, designed to help learn to cut through the fog of misinformation and deception that surrounds the many messages we?re bombarded with every day - a sister to the award-winning Annenberg Political Fact Check, which monitors the factual accuracy of what is said in the nation's political arena.

Field Trips to Historic Places
Although there are lesson plans described here (Teaching with Historic Places), you can also just use this site for great information about learning opportunities on field trips (real or imaginary) to National Historic Sites and National Parks.

First Nations’ Histories
An extensive and growing site with histories of Native Ameican tribes.

The Food Timeline
A fascinating world history timeline of the foods various civilizations ate throughout history, with recipes for making many of them yourself! Has a link to a Culinary History Timeline that incorporates social history, manners & menus.

Fourteen Days in History: The Cuban Missile Crisis
An intriguing and in-depth multimedia site about the drama of the events that brought us closer to nuclear war than at any time in history.

Free Online Geography Games
Have fun learning the countries, capitals, and geography around the world with these colorful free online games.

A beautiful site, rich with interesting articles about places in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America.

Get to Know the Hispanics Around You
This site by a professor of foreign languages is quite rich in interesting content, including maps that illustrate the history of various hispanic groups.

Great Books Interdisciplinary Matrix
Vast humanities site leading to many fascinating pages. A must visit! NOTE: Confusing home page - click on the photo to enter site.

Greek Civilization for Middle Schoolers
This wonderful site about ancient Greece, prepared by Portland State University, includes information on environment, war, sport, politics, science, philosophy, religion, the arts, other countries, daily life.

Helping Your Child Learn History
A lengthy article with lots of suggestions and activity ideas for children aged 4 to 11 - a resource from the U.S. Dept. of Education.

The Hidden History of the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962
From the National Security Archive at the George Washington University. Declassified (formerly secret) documents, press coverage, photographs, audio clips, minute by minute chronology, analysis, and more.

HistoricalMap Websites
Includes an amazing array of historical maps from places all over the world.

Historical Movies in Chronological Order
A list of popular films related to various historical events, all categorized, briefly summarized and reviewed by Patrick L. Cooney, Ph. D., sociologist, historian, botanist.

History Books for Children
A three page list of lovely books about various aspects of history - with cover pictures and good book descriptions - from Chinaberry children's books catalog.

History Books at Embracing the Child
A very nice selection of books about social studies and history of all kinds for children, classified as to age level - and with links to to find out more about each one.

History Channel Online
A very rich history site connected to the television program - includes some interactive games.

History for Kids
A colorful site in which history is made fascinating for kids - run by a professor from Portland State University - includes China, India, West Asia, Asia, Greece, Rome, Egypt, Africa, Islam, Germany, Middle Ages, and even ideas for related craft projects!

The History Net
A huge history site, covering a wide variety of subjects around the world, eyewitness accounts, great battles, technology, and much, much more.

History Timelines on the Web
To say that this site is extensive would be an understatement. Keep scrolling down the page for an amazing array of interesting links to history sites.

History Trail - from BBC
Articles, games, activities and quizzes that help you make sense of the past and the sources that made history.

Home In the Heartland
Exhibit about family life in Illinois from 1700 to the present. "Meet real people and share in their decision making."

Humanities Net–Humanities and Social Sciences Online
An interesting multi-subject site dedicated to developing the enormous educational potential of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

3,000 years of world history with a combination of colorful graphics, lifelines, timelines, and maps. Over 2,000 files are interconnected throughout the site. In addition to that HyperHistory provides several hundred links to the world wide web.

The Internet Connection for Medieval Studies
Fascinating site with art, history, drama, culture, archaeology, architecture, etc., and many related links.

Iran - "The Persians"
The fascinating and colorful history of Persia (now modern Iran) from the Kidipede - History for Kids website. It uses a simple but quite interesting narrative, with links to subtopics.

Internet Geography
Information and resources to further people's understanding and enjoyment of geography - includes interactive activities.

The Jamestown Online Adventure
Play the role of the Captain of the Jamestown Colony through this beautiful site, using a copy of the London Company's Instructions to help guide you. Ask advice of fellow colonists and natives. See the outcome of your choices!

Learning Network - Student Connections
Free site from N.Y. Times has news stories, "Ask a Reporter" feature, web navigator, word of the day, science Q & A archives, and more.

Life Magazine Online
Familiar Life format and photos, on weekly news and other events, with links to other news magazines.

Little House on the Prairie
Extensive site with history, photos, photos of home sites, and much more.

The Miniature Earth
A nice slide show showing what it would be lilke if the we could turn the earth population into 100 people, keeping the same proportions we have nowadays.

Multicultural Paths
Hundreds of carefully chosen multicultural websites - gathered through multicultural education workshops and classes at University of Virginia.

Native American Links
Marilee Schuhrke’s fabulous collection of wonderful links to sites with Native American art, games & legends, clothing, crafts, songs & dances, and much more.

Pioneers and Westward Expansion
Links to lots of good sites related to these topics.

Plymouth: It’s History and People
The Mayflower, Plymouth Colony, and links to everything about the history.

President’s Day
A nice chart and descriptions of all presidents of the U.S.

Respect, Diversity, Tolerance, Understanding
A lovely, holistic guide to resources having to do with these wide ranging concerns - from the Wonder Homeschool website.

Social Studies School Services
Extensive selection of catalogs in social studies, history, multicultural studies, etc., as well as website links to selected subjects.

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)
This organization is dedicated to researching and recreating pre-17th-century European history. It offers membership and fun events,and the site offers great links to related sites.

Social Studies Sources
Designed by the School of Education at Indiana University for K-12 social studies teachers and students, this site has lots of good information, topics and links.

The Star-Spangled Banner
A Smithsonian webpage all about the U.S. flag, the national anthem, and the history surrounding the War of 1812.

Time 100 Poll
Time is putting together a list of people who have shaped the century, and this is part of the project. This site is packed full of interesting and well organized historical information!

Tut Language
TUT was a secret reading method created by black American slaves at a time when it was against the law for them to learn to read.  

United States History
Links to many interesting sites - from America before Columbus, to the colonies and revolution, pioneers/westward expansion, black history, civil war, industrialization, 20th century, Cold War, historical documents, and presidents.

Virtual Renaissance
Travel back in time and meet characters who tell about their life and times. A very informative virtual tour of the culture, historic events, music, food, etc

Voice of the Shuttle
Web page for humanities research. Extensive links in classical studies, religion, anthropology, literature, music, dance, philosophy, and much, much more!

"We Didn't Start the Fire" - The History Behind Billy Joel's Song
An interesting education tool for learning about key social issues that impacted American society, beginning with events in early 1949 and leading up to the end of the 1980s - with lots of links to follow in reading about the various factors.
A fun tour of the White House for kids-with information about its history, the president and vice president’s families–and a lot more!

World History: HyperHistory
3000 years of world history with a combination of colorful graphics, lifelines, timelines, and maps.

World Resource Center
A county-by-country and state-by-state guide to education resources around the world.

The First Nations of BC refer to those people that can trace their ancestry to the aboriginal people that inhabited the land that is now British Columbia prior to the arrival of Europeans and Americans in the late 18th century.

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